Note – Always drive on the “Left” side of the road!!!

 Finding your way from Owen Roberts International Airport to CAYMAN KAI is fairly easy! Grand Cayman is a small Island, and there’s basically one main road that follows near the southern coastline from the airport all the way round the far eastern end and then up and along the north coast to Rum Point. There’s a cross-island road at Frank Sound which you will take because that is a shorter route to cut across to the north coast road. Depending if you observe the speed limits (mostly 30 mph, maximum 50 mph only in a few places) or if you get behind a slow driver, from the airport exit it should take you about 45 to 50 minutes to reach Rum Point, which is part of the very special area known as Cayman Kai.

 There’s only one exit road from the airport and rental car plaza, which ends after about one mile at a round-about (traffic circle) just beside the Post Office on the left. Take the first left exit, and continue past Foster’s Food Fair keeping to the left side of the road, until the “Give Way” sign at the Dorcy Drive round-about .At the roundabout (at the end of Dorcy Drive near the western end of the runway) reset your trip odometer to 0.0. Keep to the left and follow the road which curves left around the end of the airport runway. You’re now on the main road (A2- Crewe Road) heading east to Bodden Town, East End, North Side, and Rum Point.

 0.0 miles : Take Crewe Road(now Shamrock Road) straight ahead from the airport road, initially headed West for Bodden Town / Eastern Districts. The road curves South then East around the end of the runway and the left lane merges. Continue following Crewe Road.

1.6 miles: at Kings Sports Centre Round-a-Bout take the exit straight ahead (East).

2.0 miles: at Grand Harbour Round-a-Bout take the exit straight ahead (East), and get into the left lane so that you don’t have to negotiate an additional roundabout in Red Bay (shortly after passing Grand Harbor). Then after the two right lanes bear off, your single remaining (eastbound) lane will expand into two lanes again, and as soon as it is safe to do so get out of the “left turn only” lane (that turns onto Marina Drive) so you can continue following the main road.

3.1 miles: at Prospect Round-a-Bout: take the exit straight ahead. This will lead you along the south coast road. The road leads through several villages, including Prospect,  Spotts,  and Savannah (along the way to Bodden Town).

 5.5 miles: at Countryside Shopping Village road junction in Savannah (Not-Quite-a-Round-a-Bout!): keep heading East toward Bodden Town. Shamrock Road becomes Bodden Town Road. Along the way to Bodden Town, the road leads through more villages, including Lower Valley, and Pedro. After Pedro, you’ll enter the village of Bodden Town. Watch out for the 25 mph speed limit sign. Shortly after, the road rises up “Guard House Hill” and then curves sharply to the left. Please drive cautiously as the road is narrow through the village. Just after the curve, there’s an Esso station on your right (seaside), followed by a Texaco station. Continue on and you will see the post office on your left – just so you’ll know you’re still headed the right way. Continue on this road through Pease Bay and Breakers (you will pass the Lighthouse Restaurant on the right side – a “La Chaine des Rotisseurs” restaurant that we highly recommend)

13.9 miles: at Frank Sound intersection (look for the peach-colored fountain on the corner and the signs to Cayman Kai, Rum Point – they are large and on the left side of the road just before your left turn): turn Left (North) onto Frank Sound Road toward North Side.

16.6 miles: CAUTION! There is a series of unmarked sharp corners.

17.5 miles: at Old Man Bay intersection: bear Left (West), follow North Side Road, which becomes Rum Point Drive.

 19.4 miles: at Old Man Bay intersection(Jack Esso Gasoline Station) keep straight ahead on Rum Point Drive. Chisholm’s Supermarket is on your right at the intersection.

 24.3 miles: Passed old Driftwood restaurant or the 50 miles zone you will see the sign of “Welcome to Cayman Kai” , then. after few minutes you will see  on your right the Retreat at Rumpoint sign.

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